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The United Nations Foundation works to support the UN in solving some of the world’s most urgent challenges, so it’s with great interest that I read Understanding “New Power,” Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms’ new piece in the Harvard Business Review on how organizations can be most effective in driving positive change. The article is an insightful and thoughtful examination of how power is shifting in today’s world and how organizations can navigate the new landscape to help people. ...

Post in My View on November 24th, 2014

Giving is Global and Connects Us All0


  Giving is Global and Connects Us All I love airports.  That might sound crazy given this time of year.  Or maybe it sounds crazy simply because you are a frequent (or infrequent) flyer like me and know that airports spell delays, lines, and countless frustrations.   Yet, I have never been in an airport or on an airplane and not noticed someone or something that didn’t make me appreciate – in the midst of the chaos – the interconnected world we live in.  I can miss my connection ...

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A True Halloween Treat0


   This is a bit of a strange tale. Strange because it is completely cliché (a story about candy as a communications metaphor during Halloween) and the fact that I don’t really like Reese’s all that much. But it is something that I have carried with me my whole life and figured I could share today with you on Halloween 2014. Growing up in South Pasadena, California, the night of Halloween was the pinnacle of sugar-induced extroversion. I loved it. It was an evening of authorized socializing ...

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Give thanks with #GivingTuesday0


Give Thanks with #GivingTuesday November 21, 2014 11:35 am  •  Charlene Winters BYU University Communications BYU graduate Aaron H. Sherinian considers himself a global extrovert and is using his natural exuberance — as well as a lot of hard work — to promote #GivingTuesday, an international movement he works on year round. “We have a day for giving thanks on the fourth Thursday of every November,” says Sherinian, the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for the United Nations Foundation. ...

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