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My Reading List (Digital, Global & Sometimes Proudly Geeky – My Favorites)

By on October 2, 2013

With so many big events happening this month, I have had a lot of people ask me what I am reading. I love this question, as it allows for folks to share ideas and is one of the best conversation starters. And, I have to say, my reading list is particularly good right now! So the question is timely and I figured I should share it with friends via Global Extrovert.

With the author of “The End of Big” Nicco Mele at his launch in DC

Fair Warning: I don’t read books in the “traditional” way. The way I read books would probably drive other people nuts (as it does my wife) but I always have a few books with me that I absorb on planes/trains, in rare moments when the house is quiet, or even in those final moments before I collapse at the end of the day. I don’t read one at a time, and sometimes the linkages between them pop out as a result of having one in my briefcase, one on my phone, one in my overnight bag, and beside my bed. (Reality check: By the time we get the kids in bed, get ready for the next day, get the teeth brushed and say prayers and get some scripture time with the kiddos, sometimes diving into a book is often the last thing I have the energy to do…but the books I am reading now have me thinking about some big ideas).

Fair Warning: I am geeking out right now on digital influence books. These 4 books ask big ideas about how things are getting done in our digital era. Each of the authors is a very different person, but they say some remarkably similar things. I am hearing a constant theme in these books — technology and connectedness is not the “result” but the “tool” in making change happen. There are real risks with living in our internet age and we have to be diligent not to lose long-term focus in a short-term world. And all 4 of these books remind that the way things happen are as important as what are are trying to achieve. These themes remind me that connectivity is about so much more than how quickly we upload a file or get something to stream on our phone. It’s about the way we bring together ideas and values and people.

Not only do I recommend them. I recommend enjoying them at the same time. This approach might seem counter-intuitive, but let’s be honest, sometimes a really good Neapolitan ice cream brings out each of the individual flavors! So, enjoy all four.

“How” by Dov Seidman:

“The End of Big” by Nicco Mele:

“Present Shock” by Douglas Rushkoff:

“The Dragonfly Effect” by Jennifer Aaker:

What are you reading? Are there any books that would be good to add to this list? I welcome ideas and suggestions. In the meantime, Happy Reading!



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