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68 Envelopes…68 Christmas Miracles (and counting!)

[This post is a report back on "Crowdsourcing Christmas" -- a post from early December here on Global ...



Each of us has a list of words that we think are overrated.  Sharing these lists with people in my life ...


Looking like London

I am sitting here watching a beautiful sunrise sing out over London’s Heathrow Airport.  It’s ...


Balloons and Sequins in the Basement

We are a house divided when it comes to New Year’s Eve.  I married a New Yorker who has seen it ...


Online Women in My Life

This weekend I am wading into unknown territory. I will be spending time at one of the largest gatherings ...


FDR and Bi-Coastal Conversations

One of the best part of being a Los Angeles boy in Washington, D.C. is hosting folks from L.A. who come ...

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