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Getting Social, Doing Good, Driving Impact

Facebook’s coming IPO has shone a spotlight on the financial upside of social media, but it’s important ...

Teens Fight for Child Brides


Celebrating Mainwaring’s “We First” Mentality

Consumers don’t just want to consume, they want to consume in a way that makes positive change possible.  ...


Philanthro-Teens on the March

The Philanthroteen conversation continues to grow!  Tasmin Smith, President of SlipStreamStrategy, has ...


More on my new favorite word – philanthroteen!

I won’t say I am a trendsetter…but  I will say that I’m thrilled to see the discussion ...


Teens Donate, Volunteer, Create Social Enterprises

Post-Millennial kids are taking action on causes dear to their hearts.  Very aware of major global issues, ...


Philanthro-teens Delving Into Nonprofit World

When Shannon McNamara was 13, her parents took her and her siblings to Peru during summer vacation to ...


New Year, New Word

My 2011 New Year’s resolution list includes an item from last year’s line-up.  I wanted to help ...

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